Entries by David Klassen


Leaving No One Behind

As we look back on the recent generosity of our community, and the huge success of our “50/50 for kids” fundraising campaign, I want to encourage us, as those who desire to invest in our community, to continue finding all the opportunities we can to help develop the next generation of leaders in our region. Even if those opportunities are through a different outlet…one that we may or may not understand entirely. Whether it’s in the arts…or not.


In the middle – the best place to be.

Recently I interviewed Naomi Woo, Assistant Conductor with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. We talked about the real people behind the famous composers who lived one storey above and below one another in their European apartments, and how they influenced each other in their writing. Apparently, being influenced by our neighbor hasn’t changed over the last couple of centuries!


What IS a virtual gala, anyway?

The Steinbach Arts Council has a long tradition of hosting a huge community event in support of our programming. This year’s “Paint the Town, Virtual Fundraising Gala” is no exception! We’ve taken a new approach (out of pandemic necessity) and pulled out all the virtual stops!

Keeping you Safe…at home.

Early on in the pandemic, while we were planning for a year of unknowns, we decided, (together with our Board of Directors) that the health and safety of our members and their families is our number one priority.

New Technology? No Problem.

Madeline Hildebrand in Concert…New Technology? No problem.

My dad once said to me, “David, with your musical training, you can succeed at anything you want.”

I guess that might have had some influence on my approach to new projects, including our latest concert with Madeline Hildebrand.